With the excitement that comes with relocating your business and expanding, moving can seem difficult. Often, moving companies will get the job done for businesses, and that’s the best option.

Although a moving company can take care of the actual packing, loading and unloading, it’s still your responsibility to prepare beforehand, especially because you’re accountable for business property.

Before speaking with a mover, start accessing what you’ll need moved. Take into account the size of your office furniture to ensure you can get through the door in both locations.

Also, be aware of important documents that may be stored in filing cabinets and drawers. Organize this material and make sure to ask about insurance for these types of things. If you can secure documents by creating digital files, this will eliminate the chance of losing them.

Create an in-house moving team and segregate individual tasks. Communicate within the business also with moving dates and deadlines to ensure that personal items are packed, labeled and organized, depending on if they will move their items or the movers will handle it.

Create deadlines for employees, management, movers, etc. and ensure everyone knows about refrigerator cleanup.

Notify movers of office machines, large filing cabinets, bookcases, shelving, etc. that may need special moving equipment.

Overall, creating checklists and dividing the tasks between an internal moving team will help your office move go smoothly. Also, ask your movers for tips.

Stay tuned for more on office moves.