Packing for some can be the most dreadful part of the moving experience. You may feel overwhelmed thinking of every little thing that has to be put in a box.

In actuality, though, packing can be simple when you start early and take it room by room.

This series called “Packing” will provide insight and tips into making the experience more practical.

Today, we’re talking about labeling your boxes. This is beneficial if you’re packing an apartment, large home or office space.

Label your boxes right

Yes, there’s actually a right to label all of your belongings.

First of all, label them as you pack so you don’t forget what each box is. Also, pack similar items together that will go together in the new location.

Once your items are packed securely in a box, label the box this way:

  • Which side is up
  • Where it will go in the new location
  • If the items are fragile
  • What is in the box

It’s also important to label your boxes on the sides (not on top) so you can still stack boxes and see the labels.

For more tips, stay tuned for this series on packing or visit our knowledgebase for quick tips. If you don’t have time to pack yourselves, let Two Guys Moving take care of it. Call us at 210-433-MOVE.