Packing for some can be the most dreadful part of the moving experience. You may feel overwhelmed thinking of every little thing that has to be put in a box.

In actuality, though, packing can be simple when you start early and take it room by room.

This series called “Packing” will provide insight and tips into making the experience more practical.

Today, we’ll focus on packing a larger home, but it can be applied to a smaller home, apartment or office move.

1. Pack one room at a time

Start with the rooms that have belongings you won’t need for a few days such as the garage, guest room or office (use your laptop for the next few days).

Packing one room at a time focuses the overwhelming packing experience into smaller, manageable projects.

Make a list of each room from least used to most used. Then, separate the rooms over a week or a few days, depending on how quickly you need to be packed.

It’s manageable to pack about two rooms per day, separated by a lunch break. Accomplish three if you think you won’t get overwhelmed or you made good ground.

You can also group smaller rooms into one such as small bathrooms throughout the house. (Of course, think about the items you’ll need up to moving day. Leave a few towels, toilet paper, toothbrushes and soap in one bathroom. Then, pack up everything from the other bathrooms.)

Even separating the room by sections can help.

If you have a larger room like a garage or kitchen, break up the room into sections. Start with one wall or pack up, move or organize all of the large items. Then, start on the small items.

It’s also beneficial to pack items into boxes based on where you will put them in the new location. For example, pack all of the tools in one box and mark it for the new garage or pack all of the utensils and mark it for the new kitchen.

In addition, don’t mix items from different rooms (based on the new location). This will make it easier to unload boxes, take them to the proper room and unpack.

For more tips, stay tuned for this series on packing or visit our knowledgebase for quick tips. If you don’t have time to pack yourselves, let Two Guys Moving take care of it. Call us at 210-433-MOVE.