Creating a checklist before you begin packing any of your belongings will help you organize and prioritize before a move.

Start with items that are out-of-season and things you don’t use often. You can start with these items two weeks before moving day to get them out of the way without having to unpack items that you need.

Empty your drawers and closets next. Pack a carry-on bag with clothes for a few days that you can use right before, during and right after the move. Then, pack everything else.

Pack similar items together and items that are from the same room. Label fragile items and label the boxes by room for your future space.

Pack items that have multiple parts together. Use small Ziploc bags to keep screws and label them with what they belong to.

Fasten electronics correctly so you don’t damage cords. Label them by wrapping them with a piece of tape and marking them with where they go or what they belong to, etc.

Pack heavier items at the bottom and stack boxes with heaviest at the bottom also.

Pack small, fragile items together such as dishes. Stack dishes side by side with filling in between (not one on top of another).

Strive for firm packaging but do not overload your boxes. The cover should close easily without force.