Moving into a new apartment is exciting and refreshing, and often, you want to move in right away. But inspecting the apartment while the space is clear is best.

Inspecting the apartment ensures the landlord and yourself take into account the current damages, if any, so when you move out, you aren’t charged.

To account for any damages, its suggested that you review the apartment with the landlord and you take pictures of each room. Make a list of the damaged areas or items and make sure you and your landlord have a copy.

If the items will be repaired, make sure you get some type of receipt and your landlord gets a copy as well. has a checklist of items to check in your apartment prior to your move in date.

  • Bathrooms — Is everything working? Are there any leaks? What’s the condition of everything, including chips, mold, etc.?
  • Bedrooms — Is anything broken such as shelves, furnishing, closet items? Is there any mold near doors, windows or on the ceiling?
  • Interior items — This includes checking the walls, plaster, ceilings, lights, carpet, fans, drapery, furnishing, electrical outlets, etc.
  • Kitchen appliances — Does everything work? Are there any leaks?
  • Security — Are the doors sturdy? Do the locks work? Are the windows secured? Do outside lights work?

Addressing these things with your landlord prior to moving in also gives them peace of mind. Taking care of this extra inspection will also save you money in the end.