Better Homes and Gardens put together a great list of 10 moving mistakes. Avoid these by hiring a professional mover or prepare beforehand so your move goes smoothly.

It may be true that moving by yourself or with friends is more cost effective, but professional movers know the ins and outs of moving.

If you are doing the moving and packing yourself, make sure you research all of the moving details.

“In the end, a do-it-yourself move may not be as ‘cheap’ or as fun as you thought (that would be about the time you drop the TV on your foot or discover the truck is fully loaded but a third of your house is still on the sidewalk),” the article states.

Check on insurance
Find out before you hire your movers if they have an insurance policy. This ensures your belongings are accounted for and protected if they are broken or lost during a move.

Packing a travel bag for the road
The article calls this a survival kit. This can be a small carry-on bag or entire suitcase, depending on what size move.

This ensures you can “survive” for at least one day while you’re moving.

“This might include must-haves such as scissors, a screwdriver, your address book, a flashlight (you never know!), a map of your new town, Johnny’s can’t-sleep-without blanket or favorite jammies, your toiletries, dog food, a can opener, soap, coffee, toilet paper, and necessary medications for the whole family.”

These are just a few of the important tips Better Homes and Gardens includes in their list of mistakes. Read the full article.