Don’t make these moving mistakes

Better Homes and Gardens put together a great list of 10 moving mistakes. Avoid these by hiring a professional mover or prepare beforehand so your move goes smoothly. Do-it-yourself? It may be true that moving by yourself or with friends is more cost effective, but professional movers know the ins and outs of moving. If you are doing the moving and packing yourself, make sure you research all of the moving details. “In the end, a do-it-yourself move may not be as ‘cheap’ or as fun as you thought (that would be about the time you drop the TV on […]

Preparing for professional movers

Let’s face it, moving is overwhelming and packing can seem endless. It’s common that families and businesspeople hire professional movers to get the job done. Although much of the work is alleviated, to be most effective, it’s best to prepare for your movers. Before receiving the movers on moving day, determine who will be handling the packing. If you don’t know where to start or want the job to be done professionally, you can pay extra to get packing services. Be prepared to be available when movers arrive at your home or office. Movers need help with inventory and supervision […]