Prepare for a successful office move

With the excitement that comes with relocating your business and expanding, moving can seem difficult. Often, moving companies will get the job done for businesses, and that’s the best option. Although a moving company can take care of the actual packing, loading and unloading, it’s still your responsibility to prepare beforehand, especially because you’re accountable for business property. Before speaking with a mover, start accessing what you’ll need moved. Take into account the size of your office furniture to ensure you can get through the door in both locations. Also, be aware of important documents that may be stored in […]

Stresses of your change of address

In addition to packing and supervising your movers, you need to take some time to make sure you change your address on your mail and other important documents. This will ensure, before your move, that all your information is up to date and you’re receiving your bills. UPS has an online form you can go through to change your address for all of your mail. It’s secure and reliable. There are also numerous online checklists that will help you think of any other bills, mail or documents you need to immediately change your address on. provides a checklist that […]

Packing: Label your boxes right

Packing for some can be the most dreadful part of the moving experience. You may feel overwhelmed thinking of every little thing that has to be put in a box. In actuality, though, packing can be simple when you start early and take it room by room. This series called “Packing” will provide insight and tips into making the experience more practical. Today, we’re talking about labeling your boxes. This is beneficial if you’re packing an apartment, large home or office space. Label your boxes right Yes, there’s actually a right to label all of your belongings. First of all, […]